4 beautiful beaches in Northern Vietnam

There are 4 beautiful beaches in the North-cannot be ignored in the summer 2015. Sea to not only enjoy the cool waters breathe in the fresh air, but also enjoy the delicious seafood specialties and attractive.

Here are four beautiful beaches in the north that tourists should not miss this summer.

1. Cat Ba Island – Hai Phong

Cat Ba Island is the largest of the 1,969 islands of Halong Bay island populations. Cat Ba National Forest has extensive 15,200 ha of primary tropical forest 570 ha with system wide and fauna abundant features of Delacour’s langur species and Kim Giao trees.


The climate on the island is cool, fresh and suitable for resort. Halong bay day tours visitors can hear the waves on the rocky shore and the wind at night with many highs and lows in this place: there is the wind blowing on your immense coastal cliffs, the wind has Outing Pass, also a voice wild wind whistled, crept through the canyon. In Cat Ba, around the Lan Ha Bay, visit the beautiful beaches, large and small with funny names: Cat Co beach, Ben Beo beach, beach Fairy. Central page or caves, Hoa Cuong, the Dragons to discover wonderful natural then stopped at a small bay any, fishing and enjoying the pleasure of seafood and sip brandy between green non soles specifically besides relatives or friends, all sorrow will be washed.

2. Dong Chau beach, Thai Binh

Dong Chau Beach Resort Tien Hai district, Thai Binh city 35km away province of Kien Xuong Highway- Money Hai. Come to Dong Chau Beach resort, you will enjoy the fresh air of the sea, the beach is always windy.

Tourist Area including the East coast of social Minh Lan, two islands and the sea beast Ring Con. Whole resort area several tens of km2, the center of the beach resort is 5km Dong Chau, where the system was established hotel, high-rise motels serving travelers to Dong Chau beach and convalescence.


Interestingly, Dong Zhou from the beach, you can take the train, boat and motorcycle to visit the beach beast, White-Con. 7km from the mainland, and White-Con beast emerged as two blue waves at sea.

Creatures with white sand beaches, there are pine forests, casuarina forest blue, there is a small beach romantic ideal place for you to go swimming, and picnic held by vessels resort with fun entertainment as sea fishing, windsurfing and beach volleyball.

Con 15km2 wide rims with mangrove conservation area is the stopping point of rare birds such as spoonbills, pelicans, gulls. Every year this place has attracted many visitors are researchers, tourists visited knife. Come to Dong Chau Beach resort, you will enjoy the fresh air of the sea, the beach is always windy, the visit to the wife of a king She churches Dynasty in China has been instrumental in the Mongol military battles and this is the basis of the committee origin North America before the August Revolution.

3. Co To Island – Quang Ninh

Co To Island (Quang Ninh) fascinates visitors by pristine beaches with white sand and blue water. Co To is an archipelago located in the Gulf of Tonkin, including a large Co To Island, a small island of Co To island Thanh Lam, Tran islands and numerous other small islands. Besides swimming, Halong bay day tours can also visit the natural forest, lighthouse, monument and statue of Ho Chi Minh, jetties, fishing village, the bay and the natural rocks.


In order to Coto, from Hanoi, you take the bus from Ha Dong bus station, My Dinh, Yen Liang Cai Rong town (Van Don – Quang Ninh). From Cai Rong, there are 2 daily trains to Co To and vice versa. Train will run in the heart of Bai Tu Long Bay, Quan Lan Island to pass to Coto, each trip takes between 3 to 3.5h depending on the weather.

Current services for travel in Coto are also relatively poor. Both districts only island accommodation facilities are the largest living DPC and two small private guesthouses. On the outer islands single cab, Halong bay day tours can rent motorbikes of people in here. Coto has two beautiful beaches, if included in the tour operators can quickly become famous. Van Chai Beach is located west of the island, deserted coastline bends, sand smooth, clean and white, and wave big enough to play relaxed.

Red Beach is located in the east still, quiet calm water, lake water ripples as Thanh Lan Island because there are stretches windshield from blowing into the sea, soft sand with sea purple morning glory flower carpet. Red Beach is still a Virgin known as Hom Police.

4. Tra Co beach – Mong Cai

Tra Co is located at the eastern tip of the country north of Quang Ninh province, adjacent to the Chinese border, the town of Mong Cai and Mong Cai border gate 8-9 km. Residents of this small peninsula in Do Son principal migrants to live and settle. By canoe or boat runs from Hai Phong to Mong Cai with distance from Hong Gai 206 km or 132 km journey, you will come to Tra Co beach. If traveling by road from Hanoi, in line 18, Hanoi – Hon Gai Tienyen then turn to Route 4 go to the town of Mong Cai Tra Co beach. At present Tra Co beach road is already dike system and the way the new expansion do very favorable for trade. Tra Co Beach was dubbed ” the most lyrical beaches in Vietnam” with wide, flat beaches, fine white sand in the air blue ocean waters throughout the four seasons.


By Tra Co is the outer edge of an excavation by natural wave action and coastal line form, so the beach is the sand dunes from 3 to 4 m high, have village and hamlet residents crowded, living mainly on farming and fishing. Strip of coastline that is the casuarina forest windbreaks, shade and keep the sand nearby ecosystems also mangroves. Due distant cities, industrial parks and ports should Tra cool climate, passionate sea and quiet space with bold and even “wild”. In this place, it has not revealed the presence of “commercial beach”, little shops and hawker. If you want to enjoy fresh seafood, it can be purchased right on the coast in the fishing boat fishermen go fishing on. If you like Nha Trang is the modern girl Tra is like a teenager she was shy by rural tourism development speed is very slow here.

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