4 places to enjoy seafood in Halong Bay

Travelling to Halong bay, you have chances to enjoy seafood in a restaurant, in luxury Halong bay cruises or even in street. Halong is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is one of the most attractive locations in Vietnam.

To Halong, visitors not only explore the natural wonders or travel on the tour boat or appreciate a romantic night in a cruise but also tourists are attracted by the food in there with plenty of food from the sea. But there is important problem that where could enjoy delicious seafood with cheaper price and the best services.

Enjoy seafood on the Halong bay cruise when visiting Halong Bay

Nowadays, having the delicious seafood becomes easier than past. The most common way of many tourists is enjoying Ha Long seafood on the Halong bay cruises. Depending on the price of the tours, they offer their guests the various seafood delicacies. The dishes are often served on board, which is easy to prepare such as steamed clams, fried squid. You will be book if you want to eat seafood outdoor and sightsee.


Inside meal in a Halong bay cruise


Outside meal in Halong Bay

Buying cheap seafood in Cai Dam market

A place for Halong bay cruise tour visitors to buy seafood with affordable price and in addition near Bai Chay is Cai Dam market. It is far from the center of Bai Chay about 3 km. Almost restaurants here are served dishes made ​​from fresh seafood with reasonable price. Beside the items classified as the best seafood as lobsters, sea cucumber, abalone, tourists also enjoy a variety of unique and attractive shell-fishes such as snails, snail plates, screws spikes, screw sucking snails, etc.


Cai Dam market is a reasonable selection for buying seafood in Halong

Street seafood in Ben Doan

For those who are quite familiar with Halong travel, they often turn to seafood shops across the city. There are sidewalk stalls on the embankment of the coastal area of Ben Doan, from the Bai Chay about a kilometer. From far away, travellers can feel the great aroma of oysters, clams, baked snails. Rustic style with affordable prices is a plus point that many tourists come to this place.


Street seafood in Ben Doan

Great feeling of eating seafood on float

A unique and attractive form of indulging seafood in Halong is “an be”. This is as a humble way of the people here just floating restaurants serving seafood. To experience their own taste of “an be”, from Bai Chay you go another 10 km along Highway 18A to the coastal raft at Column 5. Although the price is high but it is worthy. It is the taste of fresh sea fish, shrimp, oysters, squid, crab, fresh crab caught from the cage. Halong bay cruise tour visitors just need to ask the price of fresh seafood before the restaurant will be processed according to the customer’s want.

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