Discovering the wildlife in Halong bay

While most tourists choose to tour Halong Bay to see the amazing islands and caves, they are often shocked at the amount of wildlife that lives in and around the bay. The climate of Halong Bay is suitable for several species of animals, fish, reptiles and birds, and visitors are often treated to a sighting of at least a few of these incredible creatures.

Aquatic Life

Many of the business and residents of Halong Bay rely on the many varieties of aquatic life fors their income. The floating villages provide fresh seafood for their citizens as well as for tourists. Fishermen from the surrounding regions take their boats deep into the bay so that they can supply local restaurants with a variety of fish, mollusks and crustaceans.

Several types of fish swim in the waters of Halong Bay. Residents and experts suspect that there are hundreds of different species, including flounder. There are also many squid, octopi and cuttlefish in the bay, as well as shrimp, clams, prawns and crabs. Oysters are grown off the shores of many islands in order to harvest pearls for the trade industry.


During the warmer months, small jellyfish may swim through the region. While they might have a slight sting, they are not deadly. There are also several coral reefs that lie throughout the bay, which provide homes for several different types of aquatic life. The reefs are in danger due to the high volume of fishermen and tourists that are harming the coral.

In addition to the many species of creatures that live in Halong Bay, there are also several freshwater fish that reside in lakes on the islands. There are also freshwater streams that run along the mountains, as well as lakes within the caves. There are even special species of fish and shrimp that have evolved to adapt to the dark, cold waters of the caves.

Birds and Mammals

Halong Bay has a rich variety of birds and mammals that live on the islands, including deer, weasels and squirrels. They are also home to red-haired and white-tabby monkeys. The monkeys often make an appearance during tours as they scour the land for food or play in the trees. If Halong bay tour visitors want an extensive tour of the region’s wildlife, they should tour the Cat Ba National Park, where they will see a variety of hawks, cuckoos and hornbills. The island is even home to the endangered golden headed langur, which is a monkey that only lives in Vietnam and in one region of China.


When tourists come to Halong Bay, they will be amazed at the various islands and formations. They will be equally amazed, however, at the large numbers of fish, birds and animals that they will see during their journeys. With the unique combination of natural beauty and unique wildlife, it is no wonder that Halong Bay is so impressive.

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