Exploring Hanh cave – the longest cave of Halong bay

Tour in Halong bay, you are will surely amazed at the diversity of the cave system here. This system is formed from stalactites over many years to create the spectacular and fascinating caves. Among them, you should not miss to visit the longest cave of Halong named Hanh Cave.

Hanh cave is not only the most beautiful cave but also the longest cave in cave system in Halong Bay, far away from the Cam Pha town about 9km to the west. The length of this cave is about 1,300 meters, running through the rocky mountain to the sea. Some French named this cave when they were here for studying this system and those heritage sites in Vietnam.


Small boat wriggled through each rock crevice under the flickering torchlight, let each beam of stalactites hang from the ceiling down to create the magic colors, the water is flowing calmly, the space is so tranquil that you just could only here the magic sound of water from the paddle are rowing.

The more deeply Halong bay tour visitorsĀ go the more beautiful and pristine the cave is. These blossoms of stalactites look like a bright stone, diamond pillars, the huge raspberry, peony beam, orchid scene… All are in a position to shake themselves wonky. Somewhere you could hear the sound like drumming festival. Or the sounds of waves are gentle lapping of the cliff created strangely beautiful images. The French used to call the cave as Le tunnel (tunnel). The east entrance is very low thus you must take the small bamboo boat to access deeply inside.

Hanh cave is suitable for adventurous Halong bay tour tourists who know the water habit to carefully calculate time at high tide otherwise you will be locked tightly in this deep aquarium.

In front of the entrance, there is a rocky cliff like a tower, there is a small temple known as the Three Ladies Temple. Legend has it that, once upon a time, there were 3 ladies coming to Halong bay. It started raining heavily and they were still admiring the cave until the tide at highest level, three girls were stuck and died there and turned into nixies. Nowadays, fishermen often offer incense to please her souls bless them.

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