Free to imagine shapes of islets in Halong bay

Beside famous islets in Halong bay such as Ga Choi (Fighting cock) islet, Dinh Huong (Incense Burner) islet… Tourists can be free to imagine the interesting shapes of islets from your Halong bay cruise.

Yen Ngua islet (Saddle islet)


The Yen Ngua (Saddle) Islet lies in the centrer of the Ha Long Bay World Heritage Area. Nature has creatively shaped two pieces of stone, one high and one low, which are linked together to form an imposing saddle-like rock that boats can travel beneath. This unique formation juts some 10 m above the sea.

Con Coc islet (Toad islet)


Con Coc or Toad Islet is one of the most exquisite works nature has presented Ha Long. Just imagine, an 8-meter-tall toad sitting to wait for rain amidst the vastness of the sea. The Toad Islet lies in the southeast of Ha Long Bay, 17 km away from the tourist Halong bay cruise wharf.

Thien Nga islet (Swan islet)


In the waters of Bai Tu Long Bay, a stone islet is bobbing like an alluring and graceful swan – a swan losing its herd. This stone swan has taken up countless time and rolls of film of tourist near and far.

Dau Nguoi islet (Human head islet)


From a far, you can see a 25-meter islet, which reminds us of a huge Egyptian head with a big nose. Its chin lies close to the sea surface. Many people associate it with the image of the Egyptian Sphinx. The Dau Nguoi Islet in Ha Long Bay, a masterpiece of nature, has its own poetic beauty as it lies amidst seawaters. The islet lies near Luồn Cave, 13 km away from the tourist Halong cruise wharf.

Mat Quy islet (Monster islet)

Boating past the Am Islet some 20 minutes, we see Mat Quy Islet or Monster Head Islet, which protrudes about 30-35 m from the waters of Bai Tu Long Bay. Nature has carved the rock in the shape of a monster head, with a rough big nose standing out from a distorted face. From whatever angle, one still find it horrible.

Ngon Tay islet (Finger islet)


On the way to Titop Island, visitors see a stone rock resembling a thump jutting out of the sea. Nature has put the Ngon Tay (Finger) Islet here as a reminder of many interesting extras in the discovery of Hạ Long.

Dua islet

In Bai Tu Long Bay, some 7 km east of Bai Tho Mountain stands a stone islet, which resembles a huge magic wand in Andersen’s fairy tales. It clarifies the geological and geomorphologic significance of Halong bay. Dua Islet serves as an interesting tourist Halong cruise site and a “lighthouse” for seagoing boats.

And many islet in Halong bay that are waiting for you discover and name these islets!

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