Ha Long Bay reached the top incredible rocky mountain landscape of the world

Recently, the BBC website (UK) has released a list of the most 15 amazing rocky mountain wonders of the world, including Ha Long Bay of Vietnam.


Halong Bay, Vietnam:  The famous spectacular landscape in the world – Halong Bay – a comprehensive picture of the mountain and water. The shape of the rocky mountain are formed from the process of raising and lowering of sea level change continuously for over 500 million years. In the bay there are over 1600 islands.


The fairy chimneys in Turkey:  The strange cone-shaped rocky massif are located in Cappadocia, Turkey. They were formed millions of years ago after the eruption. Gradually, the wind and rain took away the portion of ash is not cohesive and leave the solid basalt layer.


The Eye of the Sahara desert, Mauritania:  Located in the desert, this dome-shaped rocky massif spread over 50km in diameter.


Great Blue Hole in Belize:  Hole is located in the sea with a width of 320m and depth of 125m. Great Blue Hole is formed from ice age when a rocky mountain cave system plunged and then collapsed due to change of sea level.


The Moeraki boulders in New Zealand:  Looks like the giant tortoise shell, spherical boulders are located along the Koekohe coast in New Zealand.


Truong Dich Dan Ha Geopark, China:  The rocky mountains with of red, orange, yellow streaks.


Stone Forest in China:  The vertical rocky mountains are over 10m high. Stone Forest was formed 270 million years ago.


Valley of the Moon in Argentina:  arid soil, rugged rocky terrain, barren landscape … looks like the surface of the moon.


The wave rock in Australia:  the rocky massif in shape wave has a height of 14m and a length of 110m, was formed 2.7 billion years ago.


The Chocolate Hills in Philippines:  Approximately 1500 rocky mountains are usually dark brown in the dry season and the rainy season, they are covered with green grass.


The path of the giants in Northern Ireland:  The giant hexagonal basalt rocky columns were formed 50-60 million years ago, grew up as the stairs and matched together perfectly.


Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, USA:  There are rocky columns taller than a building of ten storeys.


Vermillion Cliff in Arizona, USA:  Vermillion Cliff has deep canyon and steep cliff.


Crystal cave in Mexico:  The cave contains giant gypsum blocks, the horizontal and vertical stab as the sword in the ground.

Aerial of the San Andeas Fault.

The San Andreas rocky mountain fault, California, USA:  This is a huge mountain range fault spread nearly 1300km. This rocky mountain range began forming over 30 million years ago, a major earthquake disrupted this mountain range.

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