Halong Bay – the most beautiful selfie place in the planet

With the beautiful small island, Ha Long Bay is considered one of the most beautiful selfie place on the list by Yahoo! Travel synthetized.


Ha Long Bay, Vietnam: the world’s cultural heritage includes many small islands, with four peaceful fishing village. Whether you choose no matter what angle, the pictures here are also perfect.


Redeemer Statue, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: This is one of the favorite places of selfie followers worldwide.


Antelope Canyon, Arizona: Canyon is famous for the sun beams down defile at a certain time of day, shines stones, made spectacle became shimmering and charming.


Castle Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany: Built in 1886 as refuge for King Ludwig II, the fairy castle is a place to welcome 1.4 million tourists visit each year.


Taktsang Monastery, Bhutan: called Tiger’s Nest, monastery is situated tottery at an altitude of 914m above Paro valley.


Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa: Come here you will feel like to stand on the highest peak of the world, can enjoy the city and Robben Island where Nelson Mandela had been detained.


Trolltunga, Norway: The air in the Trolltunga is very fresh, with cliffs 700m high from the Ringedalsvatnet lake.  Selfie photos here will certainly be very popular on Instagram.


Glacier, Mendenhall ice cave, southeastern Alaska (USA): If you want to experience the feeling live in the ice of Eskimo style, you can come to this place.


Anse Mamin Beach, St Lucia: small beach was pristine beauty with unique stone pillars grow on the coast.


Horsetail Falls, Oregon: Waterfall looks spectacular beuty and very easy to find.  This is the ideal place to selfie.


Manarola village, Cinque Terre, Italy: The village looks like a giant colored pencils box with colorful building is stunning background for selfie photos.


Etretat Cliffs, Normandy, France: It is hard to ignore the natural arch bridge in Etretat without even taking a selfie picture!

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