Halong conserves rowing boat ‘specialty’ in Vung Vieng

More than 300 households lived in the core area of this landscape that newly moved and created conditions to preserve indigenous “floating culture”.

These households are living in Vung Vieng was moved to settle in resettlement areas of Ha Phong ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh. However, the government still created livelihood conditions in the bay for them through rowing boats take Halong bay cruises days tourists to visit the beautiful destinations on the bay. This approach has created jobs, ensured stable source of income for fishermen and contribute to enrich the visting route Halong Bay, preserved coastal culture in local.


Vung Vieng used to be a second largest in the 7 of old fishing village in Halong Bay. This is a small, beautiful and peaceful fishing village on Halong Bay. Rowing boat service model for tourists as a tourism product on Halong Bay, is formed and maintained through the activities of the Ha Long Tourism and Transport Service Cooperative. So far, this model has attracted many tourists, especially foreign tourists.

The rowing boat service maintenance for tourists will continue to create cohesion people join in tourism activities to preserve cultural beauty of coastal people. At the same time, raise awareness of citizens in matters of environmental protection of Halong Bay. It is considered as one of the effective ways to diversify tourism products keep Halong bay tours day tourists explore the unique beauty of the heritage, the world’s natural wonders Halong Bay.

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